30 New York Fashion Week Essentials, According to an Editor

Every year when New York Fashion Week arrives, you’re bound to spot a wave of Instagram captions and tweets that display emotions ranging from extremely excited to wildly overwhelmed. On one hand, the five-day biannual meeting of the fashion minds is a creative hub, where style lovers gather to preview all of the collections that designers have been working on for the last six months. On the other, it’s a nonstop dash around the city, with locations all around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Harlem. It’s “go, go, go” from the first show to the last one. 

As someone who’s attended a number of fashion weeks and suffered the consequences of going in unprepared, I thought I’d take some time to highlight those essential items that keep me feeling cool when the pressure and stress of NYFW turn up. From the handheld steamer that’s perfect for staying crease-free in a tiny hotel room or studio apartment to the shoe inserts that will make walking from show to show in heels actually doable, the items in the list ahead are paramount to a successful and level-headed NYFW. 

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