Cara Delevingne Designs Fall Collection for Karl Lagerfeld

In creating a genderless capsule collection, what design elements were important to you?

I personally dress in a way that allows me to play with gender, so I knew this collection needed to be genderless. I don’t want the clothes to wear the people. I want the people to wear the clothes. I wanted to give people clothes that they could make their own and wear in their own unique way and on their own terms. When creating this collection, it was important for me to incorporate Karl’s personal style, which was timeless, classic, chic, and always with a twist. We also paid such close attention to detail, and the pieces are really high quality.

When thinking about the initial designs for the collection, what were some of the references on your mood board?

I took inspiration from everywhere, including fashion, film, television, and travel, and infused it with Karl’s personal style. Karl was always pushing the bar of fashion, and I wanted to create a collection of transformable pieces that felt timeless. I wanted to create something different and something I’d never done before but something that seemed like it should be done.

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